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Wedding Cake Knives

This engraved set of cake knife and server seem just the right thing to add to your personalized custombride's wedding set. This set includes a scalloped cake knife and a simple but attractive cake server. The knife also includes an egg bezel and a registration magnet. It's the perfect way to make sure your guests have a delicious time and you get the compliments you deserve!

Top 10 Wedding Cake Knives

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Best Wedding Cake Knives

This vintage style wedding cake knife and serving set is a great way to have some cake out of the house on your wedding day. The set includes a cake knife, but could be easily customized to your own liking. This set also includes a place setting knife, linnemann knife, and a few other small bits and pieces you'll need for your own recipes. All of these tools are essential for frosting and other delicious tasks around the kitchen. this set includes a wedding cake knife and a set of server blades. The giveaways include 4 pieces of seashell champagne glasses, which can be placed on top of the cake orrapnel to read from the side. The set also includes a set of cake knife blades and a storage container. this rustic burlap wedding cake knife set is perfect for any party decoration gift idea! The knives are made with quality metal that is yet again reflected in the high quality of the materials. These cake knives are just the right amount of sharp and the heat resistant plastic makes them durable for even the most strenuous cutting. Plus, the deep blue color is perfect for any wedding cake decoration! this is a great set of two wedding cake knife sets that will help make your wedding cake skills even more effective. The sets include a straight knife with a back of fungus off, a sauce knife with a side of green, and a spoon with a side of strawberry. Additionally, there is a butter knife with a side of chocolate cake and a fork with a side of cake. They are all set up to be used in various ways and can be used for just about anything that you might need to make a cake.